Creation of monoclonal antibodies

Our Approach

Issues with Existing Technology

Due to the lack of diversity and low ratio of functional antibodies in phage antibody libraries, much time and money is required to obtain desired target antibodies.

MabGenesis's Approach

By obtaining high-quality antibodies from a functional and comprehensive library, we can minimize the required time and cost. As a result, we can dramatically increase the odds of finding a target antibody.

MabGenesis Antibody Library: MOURA* Library

1. Human Antibodies: hMOURA Library

A high-quality phage display antibody library consisting of 1011 individually functional clones covering the entire antibody gene repertoire

2. Canine Antibodies: cMOURA Library

Derived from our human antibody library and containing 1010 clones

3. cVHH MOURA Library

World’s largest diversity (2.8x 1011 clones)

4. Cancer cell-specific subset antibody library

Subset library for about 50 types of cancer cells. Enables efficient isolation of desired mAbs.

*"MOURA" means "comprehensiveness" in Japanese.

How Our Screening Works


  • Several rounds of panning with cells or immobilized antigens
  • Isolate antibodies that meet the criteria

Identifying Target Phage Antibodies

  • Evaluate the functionality of target phage antibodies
  • Gene sequencing of target phage antibodies

Identifying Target Phage Antibodies
IgG Conversion & Expression

  • Convert scFv or scVHH to IgG
  • Expression and purification of IgG antibodies

IgG Conversion & Expression
IgG Functional Evaluation

  • FACS binding evaluation
  • Binding kinetics evaluation
  • Cell level function evaluation

IgG Functional Evaluation