About MabGenesis

MabGenesis Inc. is a biopharmaceutical startup that uses 30+ years of antibody research to provide first-in-class and best-in-class therapeutic monoclonal antibody drugs for humans and animals.

We have the world’s highest quality antibody libraries (MOURA Libraries) in terms of functionality and completeness, as well as highly efficient monoclonal antibody isolation technology (IMPACT). By using these, we make it possible to obtain quality monoclonal antibodies that recognize unique 3D structures or subtle structural differences of target molecules such as membrane proteins, thus contributing to new drug development opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry.

Our Mission

We are committed to improving the quality of life for people and animals that are suffering from diseases by providing innovative antibody medicines based on the latest medical research and our own unique technologies.

Our Business

MabGenesis is focused on human and animal antibody pharmaceutical business.

In human pharmaceutical area, MabGenesis is committed to obtain innovative therapeutic antibodies to meet unmet medical needs, especially, cancer and zoonotic diseases.

In animal pharmaceutical area which is rapidly growing, MabGenesis has already established canine and feline MOURA antibody libraries that allow for the discovery of high-quality antibodies for the treatment of various diseases. Our goal is to be a global innovator in animal antibody therapeutics.

Human Antibody Drug Market (Global)
14 trillion yen (2020)
Animal Antibody Drug Market (Global)
US$ 8 billion | A new and large market will emerge

Our Partners

Kyoritsu Seiyaku
Boehringer Ingelheim
Nagoya University
Fujita Health University
University of Miyazaki

Providing best-in-class therapeutic monoclonal antibody drugs in human and animal fields.

Antibody Drugs

An antibody drug is a drug that utilizes an antibody that exists in a living body. By selectively binding to target molecules (antigens), antibody drugs perform various pharmacological effects.

The antibody drug market is expected to exceed 14 trillion yen in 2020, and “fully human antibodies”, which are expected to have higher efficacy and safety in the future, have become the mainstream of antibody drugs.

In the future, with the aging of companion animals (dogs and cats), it is expected that the market for complete dog/cat antibodies, which are more effective and safer for pets, will increase.

Antibody Structure

Antibody Mechanism